BIOLABO GROUP is in constant growth since its creation. Many opportunities are created every year!

Joining the BIOLABO GROUP means actively contributes to our values and commitments:

For our patients:
With around 70% of medical decisions involving the result of in vitro diagnostic tests, the quality and accuracy of the tests is critical for patients.
Having a major role in medical biology, BIOLABO GROUP has to ensure the highest reliability in its design, production and logistics processes.

BIOLABO GROUP is daily committed to the continuous improvement of its activities in strict compliance with the European requirements and standards of the IVD. Our three companies are certified ISO 9001 : 2015 and ISO 13485 : 2016.

For the health in the world:
Our mission: Guarantee to our patients, all over the world, the best quality of medical tests results.
BIOLABO Group is actively involved in the training of young laboratory technicians and biologists all over the world. Each year, BIOLABO GROUP supports several NGOs and Associations by providing free-of-charge products, by sponsoring local events and by holding specialized conferences. Our manufacturing processes ensure consistency and the best quality for our products, whatever is the destination.

For our employees:
All our employees can actively participate in the development of our activities and contribute to improve health in the world. Working at the BIOLABO GROUP means being enriched by a multicultural environment, internally thanks to our French and Italian teams or externally in more than 100 countries.
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