Sales general terms

General Conditions of Sale are applicable to any sales made by BIOLABO S.A.S., except written dispensation confirmed by us.

ORDERS: When a buyer places an order with BIOLABO S.A.S., the buyer accepts the general conditions of sale which are as follows. “CAUTION: these reagents are temperature sensitive, store immediately on receipt as indicated in the label of the kit.”

PRICES: Goods are invoiced according to the current price list applicable on shipment date. Shipments to metropolitan France are Free of Charge from 300 €, exclusive of taxes. For any order less than this amount, a 49 € Fee will be invoiced. Special conditions can be granted by writing only.

TERMS OF PAYMENT: Without special agreement, payment shall be made by check, bank transfer or draft 30 days after the Invoice date. BIOLABO S.A.S. reserves the right to ask the buyer for a financial guaranty (Prepayment) before delivery.
No discount will be given for early payment.
Late payment penalties will be charged from the first day of late payment at the annual rate of 15%. These penalties will be calculated on the Total Amount Taxes included of the invoice and will not be subject to VAT. These will be due after sending a letter of formal notice.
With effect from 1 January 2013, any debtor paying an invoice after the expiry of the payment deadline must pay a fixed compensation of € 40, not subject to VAT as compensation for the damage suffered and the costs of recovery.
This payment is due for each invoice paid late, even if that debt is due under a contract entered into previously, and will be added to late penalties. It will also be payable after sending a letter of formal notice, and does not rule out the possibility to request complementary compensation.

PROPERTY: BIOLABO S.A.S. reserves the property of the goods until the due payment has been fully made.

DELIVERIES: In all cases, the goods travel at the risk of the purchaser. Delivery times are for illustrative purposes only and do not engage in any way the responsibility of BIOLABO S.A.S.

COMPLAINTS: Any complaints must necessarily reach BIOLABO SAS within 30 days of delivery. No return of product is accepted for any reason whatsoever without prior written permission of BIOLABO S.A.S. In case of contestation, the parties agree to negotiate amicably. In case of disagreement, the courts of St-Quentin (France) will have exclusive jurisdiction.

DISCLAIMER: The reagents sold by BIOLABO S.A.S. are only for business customers and for In Vitro Diagnostic Use. Any other use than Medical Diagnostic entails the only responsibility of the buyer. Defective storage or incorrect use discharges BIOLABO S.A.S. from liability.

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Application date : 01/01/2013 CGV FR-GB v2