Company profile

BIOLABO is an independent French Company manufacturing reagents for medical biology for more than 40 years.

BIOLABO offers three ranges of reagents: Biochemistry; Coagulation and slide tests making the company involved in the diagnosis of major pandemic diseases such as cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, hepatitis, obesity.

BIOLABO reagents are well known for their very long shelf life, stability, linearity and reliability.

We are already leader in several countries and continuously expending our distributors’ network.

Patient diagnosis efficiency and user security are our priorities, BIOLABO complies with ISO (ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO13485: 2016) and CE 2017/746 regulation. All of our staff is daily engaged in an exacting manufacturing process to offer the best quality for our products.

BIOLABO is the founding and premium brand of the BIOLABO GROUP. With the acquisition of BPC BioSed in 2016, we are now among the very few manufacturers controlling the production of both reagents and analysers.

More than 100 distributors in various countries are already successfully working with us promoting our quality both in public and private institutions.
With decades experience on the export market, BIOLABO is recognized as an expert in this field and now ships 97% of its production to its highly organized distribution network: there is an Exclusive BIOLABO Distributor in each country, employing engineers and technicians trained in France.