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 Automatic Analyser Kenza 240 TX Leaflet BIOLABO (KENZA 240TX/ISE - AUTOMATIC BIOCHEMISTRY ANALYSER Leaflet)



                                       Compact and fast...

  Your new biochemistry analyser




  Square kenza240tx   Automatic biochemistry analyser


  Up to 240 Tests/hour

  Random Access

  60 independent reagent positions

  Up to 50 positions for samples,
    controls and standards

  Automatic washing station


  Stat function

  Primary Tubes (Optional)



  Square kenza240tx   Automatic biochemistry analyser

           Up to 240 tests per hour
           First results after 2 minutes only


  Square kenza240tx   Reagents 
           Reagent tray: 30 to 60 independent positions
            Cooled reagent tray, even when the instrument is off
            Reagent level sensor


  Square kenza240tx   Samples
           Sample tray: 50 positions (40 primary tubes 12x100 or cups
             + 10 standards and controls)
           Sample tray for primary tubes 16x100 (Option)
            Sample level sensor
           Continuous probe washing


  Square kenza240tx   Software
           Open System
           Stat function
           Continuous patient addition
            Analyses: End Point, Kinetic, Fixed Time, Differential, 
           Multistandard, Bichromatism, Immunoturbidimetry.
           Connection to LIMS via RS232
           Remote control (optional)


  Square kenza240tx   Optical Group 
           Long life halogen lamp
           9 interferential filters :
           Simultaneous reading on 9 wavelengths through optic fibre
           Optical path: 0,6cm
           50 long-life reading cuvettes
           Automatic washing station for cuvettes
           Low water consumption: 2 litres per hour during maximal use





  Square kenza240tx   Automatic biochemistry analyser 

  ISE Module with 4 electrodes: Li2+, Na+, K+, Cl-   Up to 700 tests/hour with ISE.

  Net Dimensions: 78 cm x 64cm x 54cm, Net Weight: 50 Kg.

 Gross Dimensions: 94 cm x 79 cm x 80 cm, Gross Weight: 80 Kg.







 Technical Service

 5 Clinical Chemistry specialists answer your technical questions within a short space of time. 

 Please contact us for further details.

 *BIOLABO reserves the right to amend without notice the specifications of its products.


MSDS for aditionnal products KENZA 240TX and KENZA 240ISE : MSDS-Cleaning-240TX-240ISE.pdf