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Automatic analyser Kenza 120 TX BIOLABO (Kenza 120 TX BioChemisTry Leaflet)

 Automatic analyser KENZA 120 TX

  Compact and convenient... Your automatic biochemistry analyser

Analyseur automatique pour la biochimie Kenza120TX BIOLABO


  • User-friendly Windows® software

  • 27 Reagent positions

  • Up to 120 Tests / hour

  • Up to 63 positions for samples,

   standards and controls

  • Fully "Open" system

  • 64 programmable methods

  • 4 reactionnal racks (24 cups/rack)

  KENZA 120 TX BioChemisTry is an automatic biochemistry analyser for routine analysis. It is specially designed for small to
  medium laboratories.
  BIOLABO has developed a user-firendly interface allowing fast and easy access.
  The analyser is equipped with a reagent level sensor and 27 reagents are refrigerated on board.
  For end-point methods, kinetic, fixed-time or multistandard. 63 positions are dedicated to samples,
  standards and controls.
  KENZA 120 TX BioChemisTry productivity is around 120 Tests/hour. For some end-point methods,
  productivity may be up to 160 Tests/hour.
  Hundreds of units of this proven and economical system are in operation world-wide. The new user friendly
  software based on Windows® allows navigation during the working session.
  Automatic analyser KENZA 120 TX  Technical features*
 Type of Analysis:  End Point, Kinetic, Fixed time, Bi-chromatic,
 Bi-reagent and  Multistandard, Immunotrubidimetric.
 Reagent plate:  27 positions.
 Productivity:  120 tests/hour.
 Open system.  
 STAT Management.  
 System:  Windows XP Operating System.
 Advanced Multitask software.  
 Reaction Plate:  96 positions on incubator.
 Multilanguage capability.  
 OPTICAL GROUP:  Long life halogen lamp.
 Precision interferential filters low band ± 2 nm.
 340-405-492-505-546-578-630-700 nm + 1 free position.
 Reading accuracy: ±1%.
 DILUTER:  Precision syringe max. capacity: 1000 µl.
 Accuracy: ±0,5%.
 Minimum reagent volume: 400 µl.
 Incubator temperature: 37°C ±0,1°C.
 Net dimensions:
 Gross dimensions:
 71 cm x 64 cm x 36 cm.
 80 cm x 80 cm x 56 cm.
 Net weight:
 Gross weight:
 60 kg.
 38 kg.
 Power supply:  110/220 V – 50/60 Hz.
 Technical Service

  5 Clinical Chemistry specialists answer your technical questions within a short space of time.
  Please contact us for further details.

  *BIOLABO reserves the right to amend without notice the specifications of its products.

 Automatic Analyser Kenza 120 TX BioChemisTry