BIOLABO FACTOR VIII Deficient plasma

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Square coagulation FACTOR VIII Deficient Plasma

 Cat nº  Presentation

Main features



 R1 : 6 x 1 mL

 Freeze dried Human plasma from


 Deficient plasmahas been removed by

 selective immune-adsorption.

 Stability and storage at 2-8°C :
 Unopened :
 3 years.
 Once opened :
 8 hours at room temperature.

 For use with :

 Reagents :

  13565 CaCl2 Solution 0.25 M

  13560 BIO-CK TCA Kaolin
  13660 BIO-SIL TCA Silica 
 Reference plasma :
 Control plasmas :
  13971 COATROL 1
  13972 COATROL 2

 For the determination of Factor VIII 

 activity in human citrated plasma.

 Measurement of the clotting time

 at 37°C, in the presence of cephalin and 

 an activator (Kaolin or Silica),

 of a system in which all the factors

 are present and in excess (supplied by

 Factor VIII Deficient plasma)

 except of Factor VIII which is derived

 from the sample being tested.


 Incubation Time : 3 minutes at 37°C.