BIOLABO Lipase calibrator

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Square coagulation LIPASE Calibrator

 Cat nº  Presentation

Main features




 R1 : 1 x 3 mL
 R2 : 1 x 5 mL

 Specific Calibrator.

 Lyophilisate which
 contains human
 Pancreatic Lipase,
 serum albumin (bovine),
 and preservative
 Diluent's enclosed
 in the kit

 To use for manual
 procedure or
 automated instruments.

 Stability and storage
 at 2-8°C:
 2 years.
 Reconstituted calibrator:
 14 days.

 Specific calibrator for quantitative determination
 of Pancreatic Lipase [EC 3113] in human serum
 or plasma.