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 T.I.B.C. Total Iron Binding Capacity

 Cat nº  Presentation

  Main features




 R1 : 1 x 60 mL
 R2 : 1 x 30 tests

 All reagents are
 ready for use.

 Linearity: up to
 900 µg/dL (160 µmol/L).

 To use with
 80008 or 92108
 (to determine iron
 concentration in
 the supernatant).

 Stability and storage:
 3 years at 18-25°C.

 Saturation of iron binding sites on apotransferrin.

 The excess Fe is removed by adsorption with basic
 magnesium carbonate powder.

 After centrifugation, bound iron remaining in
 supernatant is measured.