BIOLABO Creatinine (Kinetic method)

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 CREATININE Kinetic method

 Cat nº  Presentation



 drop  80107


 R1 : 1 x 125 mL
 R2 : 1 x 125 mL
 R3 : 1 x 10 mL

 Single-vial or
 2-vials method.

 All reagents are liquid
 & ready-to- use.

 Standard enclosed
 in the kit.

 Linearity: up to
 15 mg/dL (1327 µmol/L).

 Stability and storage:
 3 years at 18-25°C.

 Jaffe method, colorimetric reaction.

 Reagent for quantitative determination of
 creatinine in human serum, plasma or urines.

 Reading: kinetic at 490 nm (490-510).