Automated biochemistry Analyser. Smart and compact.

100 tests per hour : Small to medium laboratories

NEW: Close System (fully barcoded for samples and positive identification for reagents) or Open System (using BIOLABO reagents or any other brand)
NEW: Innovative LED Sample Management System: 12 sample positions always available
NEW: Very Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
NEW: 1st Analyser fully developed by the 3 companies of the BIOLABO Group
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KENZA ONE main features:

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• Up to 100 tests per hour
• Fully barcoded solution integrated (Reagents + Samples)
• Internal and external needle cleaning system
• Incompatibilities management
• STAT management: at any position, at any time
• Bench Top system: Compact and convenient
• Tray of 50 reusable cuvettes
• Very low water consumption: < 2 L per hour in maximal use
• Easy and cost effective maintenances
• Highest flexibility: No start & stop procedure, available to start at any time, first result in less than 3 minutes
• Refrigerated reagents tray, even when the analyser is turned off
List of dedicated reagents in barcoded containers

Automatic Analyser Kenza One Leaflet Automatic Analyser Kenza One Leaflet

KENZA ONE detailed specifications


- Final Point, Kinetics, Two-point kinetics, Differential, White samples, Multistandards, Bichromatic, Immunoturbidimetry.
- System: Open or closed.
- Bench Top, Random Access.
- 100 tests per hour.
- Quick start, No start or stop procedure.
- Bi-directional LIS communication protocol (xml, CSV, Real-time, etc.).

 Samples and reagents

- 23 reactive positions (20 refrigerated).
- 12 sample positions with LSM (LED Sample Management) device.
- Primary tubes or wells.
- STAT Management: All positions, at any time.
- Continuous loading, opening possible at any time.
- Reagent and samples level detector.
- Refrigerated reagent tray, same device switched off.
- Integrated barcode reader (positive identification).
- Full range of barcode and dedicated reagents.

 Sampling system

- Internal and external needle washing system, Permanent washing.
- Management of incompatibilities (4 levels).
- Sample volume: 2-100 µL.
- Reactive Volume: 2-350 µL.
- Reaction Volume: 220-350 µL.

 Reaction part

- 50 long-lasting cuvettes.
- Thermostatic reaction plate: 37 ° C to ± 0.5 ° C.
- Long-life halogen lamp.
- 9 interference filters: 340, 380, 405, 505, 546, 570, 600, 620, 700 nm.
- Automatic washing station.
- Low water consumption (< 2 L / heure en utilisation maximale).

 Quality Control

- Control card (Levey-Jennings).
- Automatic verification of Westgard rules.

 Analysis ranges

- Digestive and Hepatic Assessment: AST, ALT, LDH, PAL, Bilirubin, GGT, Glucose, Amylase.
- Lipid Balance: Cholesterol, Triglycerides, HDL-CHOLESTEROL, LDL-CHOLESTEROL.
- Martial Assessment: Iron, Transferrin, Transferrin, UIBC, CIBT.
- Renal Assessment: Urea, Creatinine, Calcium, Phosphorus, Proteins, Albumin.
- Cardiac enzymes: CK-NAC, CK-MB.
- Others: Alcohol, Ammonia, Bicarbonates, G6-PDH, Hemoglobin, Lipase, Magnesium, Urinary Proteins, HbA1c, RF, ASLO, CRP, µAbl…
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- New interface.
- New graphic charter.
- Optimized for touch screen.
- Easy to use and ergonomic.
- Intuitive and Interactive.
- Easy access to information.
- Multilingual (French, English, Italian, etc…).


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