KENZA 240 TX / KENZA 240 ISE Automated biochemistry analyser. Compact & Convenient.

The KENZA 240TX offers a real throughput of 240 tests per hour and is one of the analysers starting the fastest.

Its new barcode reader technology (video-camera) and its new range of dedicated reagents in barcoded containers makes it a fully automated solution.
The KENZA 240TX is perfectly adapted to easily connect your LIS.

Thanks to its refrigerated system, reagents can stay onboard 24/24h and 7/7d.

With complete performances folders, based on the CLSI protocol, the KENZA 240TX answers all international regulatory requirements.

An independent ISE Module is available in option (+480 tests per hour), means a total of 720 tests per hour.


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Main features KENZA 240 TX / KENZA 240 ISE

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• 240 tests per hour for routine (+480 tests per hour with ISE Module)
• Fully barcoded solution (reagents + samples) – Optional
• Internal and external washing system for the needle
• Incompatibilities management
• STAT Management : on any position, at any time
• Bench-top System : Compact and convenient
• 50 reusable cuvettes tray
• Very low water consumption : < 2 L per hour in maximal use
• Easy and cost-saving maintenance
• Maximal flexibility : no start & stop procedure, available to start at any time, first result in less than 2 minutes
• Refrigerated reagents tray, even when the analyser is turned off
• Optic fibre technology
• Calibrators & controls management : Levey-Jennings, Westgard rules, etc..
List of dedicated reagents in barcoded containers

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KENZA 240 TX / KENZA 240 ISE detailed specifications


- 240 tests per hour.
- Final Point, Kinetics, Two-point kinetics, Differential, White samples, Multistandards, Bichromatic, Immunoturbidimetry.
- Open System.
- Bench Top, Random Access.
- Optional ISE module: Na, K, Cl, Li (+480 tests / hour).
- Quick start, No start or stop procedure.
- Always ready to go.
- 1st result in less than 2 minutes.
- Bi-directional LIS communication protocol (xml, CSV, Real-time, etc.).

 Samples and reagents

- 60 independent refrigerated reagent positions.
- 50 sample positions, controls and calibrators.
- Primary tubes or wells.
- STAT Management: All positions, at any time.
- Continuous loading, opening possible at any time.
- Reagent and samples level detector.
- Refrigerated reagent tray, same device switched off.
- Optional reagent and sample barcode reader.
- Full range of barcode and dedicated reagents.

 Sampling system

- Internal and external needle washing system, Permanent washing.
- Management of incompatibilities (4 levels).
- Sample volume: 2-100 µL.
- Reactive Volume: 2-350 µL.
- Reaction Volume: 220-350 µL.

 Reaction part

- 50 long-lasting cuvettes.
- Thermostatic reaction plate: 37 ° C to ± 0.5 ° C.
- Long-life halogen lamp.
- 9 interference filters: 340, 380, 405, 505, 546, 570, 600, 620, 700 nm.
- Fiber optic technology.
- Automatic washing station.
- Low water consumption (<2 L / hour at maximum use).

 Quality Control

- Control card (Levey-Jennings).
- Automatic verification of Westgard rules.

 Analysis ranges

Digestive and Hepatic Assessment: AST, ALT, LDH, PAL, Bilirubin, GGT, Glucose, Amylase.
- Lipid Balance: Cholesterol, Triglycerides, HDL, LDL.
- Martial Assessment: Iron, Transferrin, Transferrin, UIBC, CIBT.
- Renal Assessment: Urea, Creatinine, Calcium, Phosphorus, Proteins, Albumin.
- Cardiac enzymes: CK-NAC, CK-MB.
- Others: Alcohol, Ammonia, Bicarbonates, G6-PDH, Hemoglobin, Lipase, Magnesium, Urinary Proteins, HbA1c, RF, ASLO, CRP, µAbl…
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- Optimized for touch screen.
- Easy to use.
- Intuitive.
- Easy access to information.
- Multilingual (French, English, Italian, etc…).


- Dimensions and Gross Weight: 80 x 75 x 50 CM - 60 KG

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