BIOLABO Inorganic Phosphorous U.V. method

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 Inorganic PHOSPHOROUS U.V. Method

 Cat nº  Presentation

  Main features


 drop  80015


 R1 : 2 x 125 mL
 R2 : 1 x 5 mL

 Excellent reproducibility.


 All reagents are liquid
 and ready-to-use.


 Standard enclosed
 in the kit.


 Linearity up to
 10 mg/dL (3.22 mmol/L).


 Stability and storage:
 3 years at 18-25°C.

 U.V. method without deproteinisation
 (ammonium molybdate).

 Reagent for quantitative determination of
 inorganic phosphate in human plasma and
 serum, or urines.

 Reaction in 2 minutes at room temperature.

 Reading: End Point at 340 nm (334-366).